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Unknown Talent

Every day I would try to catch 7:40 (Borivali slow) local so that I reach on time in college. Though it is early morning but trains would be jam packed. Literally there were times when u can’t even move from your place. People used to push you out and take you in the train. It is amazingly efficient system. Your energy is conserved. Not everyone used to be social in train. Less social humans used to isolate themselves in front of a mobile screen with their earphones on. It is hard to remember everything but there was a person whom I can’t forget. Like every day I took 6:30 local from goregaon station. Train was full to its capacity. As I had 1 hour to kill I took out my earphones and plugged them in to listen music. I was halfway towards my destination. Though volume was loud enough to overpower other sounds but somehow sound of harmonica managed to reach my ears. I started looking for the person who was playing this instrument. I couldn’t see him but the music he was playing was mesmerizing. I took out my earphones and started listening to his compositions. I started guessing his personality and his character. After 15 minutes, a tall and skinny guy walks out of the crowd with silver harmonica in his hands asking people for some money for what he played. He looked malnutrioned. It was sad to see him begging. Though I would not qualify to tell who is best but I can say that he was definitely better than some professionals. He got down at Mumbai central. It was my bad that I forgot to ask his name. Even after reaching home I couldn’t forget him. From that day I am still waiting for him to come again in my train and play his compositions. And this time I will not forget to ask his name.

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